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Plastic moulding that safeguards the environment

Plastic moulding that safeguards the environment

At TEKSAE we create solutions, and we don’t want the plastic moulding process to be an issue for the environment.

We hold ISO 14001 certification confirming compliance with environmental standards, and in every processing stage we seek the best way of providing quality for our customers without negatively impacting resources.

Our commitment to safeguarding the planet

We have designed our production department to make the most of sunlight and, thanks to infrastructure and frames without thermal couplings, we do not use heating systems.

Offices and the production department are lit with LED lighting systems, and we have the latest fully electric Arburg and Fanuc machines with optimised consumption. Moreover, we have a free cooling system which enables considerable energy savings.

Since 2009 we have been using electricity from 100% renewable sources, supplying a fleet of machinery which consists of 80% fully electric moulding machines and electric forklifts, to fully exploit clean energy and reduce C02 emissions.

The technical design and specifications for the products we make prevent us from using compounds from recycled plastics, but we optimise our production processes to minimise waste and avoid disposing of plastic when it can be reused.

stampaggio materie plastiche sostenibili

The Centre for International Environmental Law has estimated that by 2050 the production and consumption of plastic could release almost 3 billion tonnes of CO2 annually into the atmosphere. At Teksae we are aware of the environmental impact of our business, and as a result have adopted a practical management policy to protect future generations.

Andrea Spagnoli

— Founder of TEKSAE

Produce your plastic components while safeguarding the environment.

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