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Plastic moulding material sectors

Plastic materials moulded for any application

In over 20 years of plastic moulding experience we have acquired the technical expertise to understand application requirements in every sector, and are able to meet these requirements with effective solutions.

We collaborate with mould manufacturers and producers and can carry out the following:

  • injection moulding
  • blow moulding
  • double injection moulding
  • dual-material moulding

Our production cycle is implemented using 18 injection moulding machines (Arburg and Fanuc) for single and dual-material parts and 2 blow moulding machines, which operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Furthermore, we always have 2 moulding machines at 50% load to fulfil urgent requirements within 24 hours.

After the production phase we can handle product packaging and post-production operations in our dedicated department, entrusting silk-screen printing, laser processing, chrome-plating, welding or pad printing operations to authorised expert suppliers.

Medical sector

We produce test tubes with caps assembled in-house and diagnostics material for the medical sector. We hold 13485 certification and regularly sanitise our production department to ensure it is hygienic for the production of items in line with medical standards.

Electromedical sector

We produce valves and seals suitable for use in medical equipment, including components for operating theatre instruments, components for oxygen masks and ampoules for aerosols.

Food sector

We produce components that meet Italian food safety requirements (M.O.C.A.), including containers, packaging and parts suitable for contact with food, bottle tops, and plastic parts for professional coffee machines.

Automation sector

We produce all components that machinery in the automation sector may require, including valves, seals, plastic components to replace metal parts, and spare parts.

Do you need to make bespoke components?

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