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Certified plastic moulding

Certified plastic moulding

Our skill in moulding plastics is verified by the quality system we have implemented over the years, and which we keep up-to-date and efficient. We believe obtaining certification is more than just getting a certificate. For us it represents our commitment to our customers and collaborators, and gives them the guarantee that the moulding process is safe, thorough and precise.

We use the Kaizen method to manage orders, which is a Japanese philosophy that targets the ongoing improvement of resources in small steps. In practice this means creating a hospitable work environment with good lighting and ventilation, where focus and the application of the 5S method is facilitated, in addition to ongoing investment to build a cutting-edge fleet of machinery and enable the continuous professional development of human resources.

Our certifications

To date we have obtained the three main types of certification required in the rubber and plastic industry, plus authorisation to produce plastic items suitable for use in the food sector.

teksae - certificazioni - iso9001 iso14001

ISO 9001 certification confirms the ongoing management of every work phase, batch traceability, and the quality control carried out to meet the required standards.

teksae - certificazioni - iso9001 iso14001

ISO 14001 certification confirms full compliance with environmental standards for plastic moulding, thereby reducing negative impact on the environment.

teksae - certificazioni - rina 13485

ISO 13485 certification confirms the company’s ability to provide moulded plastic components that are suitable for medical devices.

teksae - certificazioni - moca

Authorisation from the Italian food safety authority (M.O.C.A.) enables the company to produce plastic products suitable for contact with foodstuffs.

Do you want your plastic components to be produced in accordance with strict quality standards?

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