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Why choose Teksae

Plastic moulding that meets your requirements

Plastic moulding that meets your requirements

We are moulders, but we don’t just stop at switching on our moulding machines. In over 20 years of moulding plastic, we have acquired the expertise required to assess the fine detail of a project, advise our customers on the most appropriate material, and choose the most suitable production process that is cost-effective without compromising on quality.

Be it a plastic component for the automation, automotive, food or medical sector, we manage every order with one sole aim – to help our customers have moulded plastic components that meet the most stringent standards of precision, reliability, durability and strength.

Guidance first and foremost

Before commencing the moulding process, we want to provide our customers with full support so that they have plastic components that exceed their expectations. This is why we carry out a careful analysis beforehand to identify the final product requirements, and advise on the materials and process most suited to meeting them, from straightforward plastic injection moulding through to dual-material and blow moulding processes.

After defining every detail we design and construct the moulds with the support and experience of mould manufacturers we have been working with for years, and proceed internally with prototyping, 3D included.

When we are sure that the result meets all requirements, we proceed with batch production, without neglecting ongoing checks to ensure that the quality level is consistent in every batch.

stampaggio materie plastiche a iniezione teksae

Even the smallest components are essential for the quality of the final product. We perform a prior analysis and suggest the most suitable compounds and techniques for our customers, because we want the products we make for them to be structurally and technically perfect.

Andrea Spagnoli

— Founder of TEKSAE

stampaggio materie plastiche a iniezione

Plastic moulding processes

Plastic moulding processes in our production department are carried out on 18 injection moulding machines (Arburg and Fanuc) for single and dual-material parts and 2 blow moulding machines. We operate a continuous production cycle and can guarantee the moulding of plastic components in 24 hours to meet market requirements.

The work environment is sanitised and checked continually. This has enabled us to obtain 13485 certification and produce components for the food and medical sectors, such as test tubes with caps, components for aerosols and oxygen masks, food containers, bottle tops, and components for coffee machines. We can also handle assembly, post-production, finishing and packaging processes on request through a dedicated department, providing customers with ready-to-use components made according to the standards requested.

We collaborate with trusted companies that carry out silk-screen printing, laser processing, chrome-plating, welding or pad printing operations on finished products. After the finishing operations, the products are brought back to our premises where they are checked before being delivered to the customer.

Kanban Logistics and Consignment Stock serving customers

Our covered premises in Castiglione delle Stiviere, between Brescia and Mantua, extend over an area of 2800 m2 and house the production, assembly and administration departments, and a warehouse with Kanban logistics operations. This innovative management method ensures that our customers are continually replenished with moulded components, and have the certainty that parts are always ready for delivery.

Furthermore, we can implement a Consignment Stock approach to further optimise work flows and provide our customers with the right quantity of components available at their business.

stampaggio materie plastiche a iniezione

Are you seeking a reliable, expert company to shape your ideas?

Contact TEKSAE and discover our specialist plastic moulding expertise for yourself.

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